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Social Responsibility of the Apple Corporation

Provide a report on the on the Social Responsibility of the Apple Corporation. You are a consulting companies advising corporations on the substance and public perception of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. The Apple Corporation as a global corporation. Report on the areas of corporate social responsibility. The report must answer the following questions:
1) Does the company have a stated policy on corporate social responsibility?
2) What is the company doing to be socially responsible?
It is important to state the Corporate Social Responsibly and demonstrate several types of things that may be in the CSR policy (e.g. listed in the outline)
Listed below is an outline for the report. The report must be completed in APA format, 4 pages double spaced not including the title page, reference page, or the abstract. please keep in mind that while company websites are an essential source of information, they are marketing documents for the companies, and all statements therein should be read with that in mind. Try to get refer to peer reviewed resources and site according to when it relates to the information. Attached are some bibliographic representation that you can use for references. Please add more references as needed. Use up to7 references.

 Apple
 Company Background Introduction
 History of products/types of products Introduction
 Marketing
 Social Responsibility (Stated Policy) To answer question #1
(Below listed are things that may be in the CSR policy)
 Educational Programs
 Local Communities
 Employee Health and Safety
 Energy Consumption and Usage
 Carbon Emissions
 Sustainable Sources

Social Responsibility of the Apple Corporation

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