Social Dance Paper

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Social Dance Paper – Part 2

Take time to include 3 health benefits of Ballroom Dancing/Social Dancing/Dancing in general. These benefits can be social skills, mental health benefits or physical health benefits. Research these benefits and explain their significance to a healthy living regimen.

Make sure to use respectable sources and notate them Include a personal reflection on how the knowledge of these benefits will help you continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle as you move into adulthood. Use this as well as your reflection on the Social Dance to make up your 2000 word paper. • Below are a few ways to write your paper suggested by the University:

Envision a future self (and possibly makes plans that build on past experiences) that have occurred across multiple and diverse contexts.

Select examples of life experiences, drawn from a variety of contexts (e.g., family life, artistic participation, civic involvement, work experience), to help describe both the health benefits you researched and your reflection of the Social Dance.

Evaluates changes in own learning over time, recognizing complex contextual factors (e.g., works with ambiguity and risk, deals with frustration, considers ethical frameworks).

Articulate strengths and challenges (within specific performances or events) to increase effectiveness in different contexts (through increased self-awareness).

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