Soccer camp

Design, with intent of implementation, a sports camp. This can be an independent camp or a camp belonging to a college or pro team run by

coaches and players. You may choose your location. Two hundred (200) campers, ages 8 – 16, will be in attendance. Campers ages 8 – 11 will

be day campers. Campers ages 12-16 will be overnight campers. Develop a camp mission statement, daily schedule – remember over night

campers require a 24-hour schedule, budget, cost, necessary staff, staff hiring process, equipment, facilities, insurance, payroll, drills

and specific method of instruction – lesson plans, etc. Your presentation must be available for submission to the host facility, available

for staff to review, and web site publication. *Reference section should consist of brief 2-5-sentence description of source and why it is

necessary to your case study.

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