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SWOT Analysis Assignment (instructions): Business 58 Sec DE1 (32491) Spring 2018 3/1/18, 08(00

SWOT Analysis Assignment (instrucions)
SWOT Analysis Assignment
SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for
identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face.
Used in a business context, it helps you carve a sustainable niche in your market. Used in a personal
context Add to My Personal Learning Plan, it helps you develop your career in a way that takes
advantage of your talents, abilities, and opportunities.
We will be performing a personal SWOT analysis(meaning you are the subject of the SWOT). Please
start the assignment this week. It will be due 03/04/18. Please start this week.
1 1.) Read about SWOT analysis here:
In addition to the website, you can use page 74(old edition) or page 79(new edition) of your textbook.
2 2.) Use the attached worksheet and complete the assignment
Grading (50 points):
Minimum length is 3 points per box(4 boxes – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and
at least one paragraph per question answered at the bottom of the worksheet.
Did you put 3 good points per box (12 total)? Did you answer the three questions at the bottom?
Did you answer the questions in your own words?
Did the student really think and elaborate about the SWOT and give good critical thinking answers?
Was there minimal grammar and spelling errors?
Issues with the attachments?
I have attached the worksheet as a pdf and a document. They are they SAME file. Please use whichever
works best on your computer.
If you are unable to edit the document then please start a new document on your computer and use theSWOT Analysis Assignment (instructions): Business 58 Sec DE1 (32491) Spring 2018 3/1/18, 08(00
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attached worksheets as a template to copy.
SWOT Analysis Worksheet.pdf )
SWOT Analysis Worksheet.docx )
SWOT Analysis Worksheet.docx )

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