Skill Development with Business Strategy


You are an HR consultant, hired to resolve issues stemming from communication and coordination challenges between employees of the U.S. branch and the Singaporean headquarters of a software solutions provider. You decide to recommend organization-wide changes to resolve the issues related to communication and coordination. You evaluate the organizational change readiness and send a report on change management models, justifying your selection of a particular model.

Your efforts are appreciated and well received by the VP and the leadership team of the software solutions organization. However, they now want to understand how the training development needs of the workforce can be strategically aligned with the organization’s business needs.

You decide to prepare a presentation, detailing the training requirements for the employees and leadership of the U.S. branch, as well as leadership at the Singaporean headquarters. The strategy will target the identification of training that will improve communication and understanding between employees at the U.S. branch and leadership at both locations. Such a training strategy will facilitate interaction between both locations and align with the business strategy of expanding to the U.S. market.

Assignment Details

Create a PowerPoint presentation with narration to explain the methods of strategically aligning skill development with business strategy in the course scenario. Create speaker notes, for each slide.

Note: Remember to use both on-screen text and narration or speaker notes in your PowerPoint slides to convey your information effectively. Precise and extensive speaker notes should be used, while addressing all the rubric elements in the presentation. For example, you can use brief, bulleted lists on the slide and include detailed explanations in your narration or speaker notes.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria in your presentation:

  1. Describe the skills required for managers to enable change in the organization (Singaporean headquarters and U.S. branch). (2–3 slides)
  2. Use the company data provided in the form of Leaders’ Self Evaluations to complete this step.
  3. Why could there be resistance to change implementation within the organization?
  4. Which skills do managers need to help address such resistance?
  5. Explain the methods of aligning training strategy with business strategy. (2–3 slides)
  6. How can training support the strategic goals of the organization (Singaporean headquarters and the U.S. branch)?
  7. What customization is required to align the training at the U.S. branch to the business strategy defined at the Singapore headquarters?
  8. How can training enable the U.S. branch employees to adapt to the work culture of the Singaporean head office?
  9. What are the learning objectives that will enable the American employees to meet the business goals defined for the U.S. branch?
  10. Describe two strategic workforce development goals for the U.S. branch. (2–3 slides)
  11. Use the Employee Engagement Surveys to identify the strategic workforce development goals.
  12. Which data points identify the development goals of the U.S. branch employees?
  13. How can training help meet the development goals of the U.S. branch employees?


Submit a PowerPoint presentation with 6–7 slides. References are included and should be cited in APA format.


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