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Six Sigma Project Charter

Six Sigma Project Charter

Develop a Six Sigma Project Charter

Note: You will use the same topic you select for this Unit 1 lab assignment for the lab assignments in Units 2-5. Also, you must select a different topic for BUS328 Lab from the topic in BUS328. You cannot use the same topic you selected for BUS328.

(Instructors will check.) Choose carefully and choose a topic that is both interesting and is related to your career path.

Before you get started, download and review this template to use for developing your charter.

Six Sigma organizations are constantly working to focus on customer needs (both internal and external), and to improve all business operations and activities. The Six Sigma Charter captures the high-level efforts and activities for process improvement projects.

Business leaders and stakeholders use Six Sigma Charters to keep track of the various process improvement projects within their organizations and present these charters in board meetings and to key customers. Six Sigma teams use charters to document team project titles, team goals, activities, team member names/departments. Teams review the charter regularly to ensure they stay on-track.

Be sure you have downloaded the Project Charter Template linked above to use for this assignment. Develop a charter for a recent problem or issue that you find from your work, the news, Internet, etc.

Some examples are the recent air bag issue for automobile manufacturers, cell phone batteries catching fire, excessive emergency room wait times, converting manual healthcare records to electronic, etc.

Consider yourself the Six Sigma team leader. You must identify the key charter attributes including the following:

  • Problem Statement
  • Team Members
  • Scope of Project
  • Goals
  • Impact
  • Risks
  • Milestones

Six Sigma Project Charter

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