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Six action steps

In Chapter 3, six action steps are discussed to give students opportunities to practice new skills and deepen their understanding of new information. Without this type of extended processing, knowledge that students initially understand might fade and be lost over time.

Please summarize each action step in your own words. Then explain how you would use each of these action steps with your students. Your document should be free of errors and in an easy to read format. A template is included to complete this assignment.

Chapter 3:  Student Practice to Deepen Understanding of New Knowledge



Action StepSummary of Action StepHow I Would Use With My Students
#1:  Provide Students with Tasks That Require Them to Examine Similarities and Differences










#2:  Help Students Identify Errors in Thinking











#3:  Provide Opportunities for Students to Practice Skills, Strategies, and Processes














#4:  Determine the Extent to Which Cooperative Groups Will Be Used










#5:  Assign Purposeful Homework That Involves Appropriate Participation from the Home










#6:  Have Students Systematically Revise and Make Corrections in Their Academic Notebooks












What will I do to help students practice and deepen their understanding of new knowledge?

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