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Situation analysis

The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union on the 29th of March of this year. The UK has three options available to it at this point: no deal Brexit, common market, or stay in the EU. The is a very complex issue for politicians in the UK. However, it is exponentially more complicated for business in the UK and elsewhere. This situation/assignment create an opportunity for you to see just how complicated international trade relationships can be for business with little or on control of the future.

You are a senior officer at Hi-Neighbor!® a multinational corporation with offices in New York, London, Frankfort, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and Rio. Your CEO has come to you to ask for your recommendation for what your company should do following March 30, 2019. (The day the UK leaves the EU). The CEO wants your analysis of the following situations: deal Brexit b.common market Brexit( Like Norway) c.abandoned Brexit (UK stays in EU)

The CEO wants input on the following: 1.tariffs, access to markets 2.the need for a London office 3.changes in production schedules 4.changes in input availability 5.increased risk to the financial situation of the Pound 6.need for insurance against predicted losses 7.moreover, overall recommendation for the aftermath of the 3 Brexit situations

Again this is a formal document to be sent the CEO of the Hi-Neighbor!. You will need one memo for you the contains all three situations involving Brexit and information about CEO’s concerns. At least 3 pages.


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