Sitrep 3 Questions

Sitrep 3 Questions to consider as you assess the information you have (remember, you may not

have enough information at this point to answer all of these questions): What are the facts of the
incident that we know so for? What related facts can we assume with a fair level of certainty? Which
local, state, and federal responders can we assume are involved at this point? How are the various
responders communicating with each other? How are the responders communicating with the
communities they are operating within? What is the mood of residents in the NYC Metro area? In

the Northeast? Throughout the U.S.? What are the human factors that must be addressed during

the response at this point? Location: NYC Metro Area Date: August 5 Day: Wednesday Time: 2:00 PM 5
Information Source: Local Radio News Information: The Holland Tunnel was re-opened after a two-
hour investigation. Police are questioning the driver of the delivery truck who was in the possession

of forged identification documents. A search of the delivery truck found it to be completely empty.

No further information is being released. Address as many of the “questions to consider”. above,

that are relevant to what we know about the situation so far with your classmates

Last Updated on February 12, 2018

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