SIP and templet reflection

Improvement Plan (non-instructional)

MSED 661 School Community Relations (Standards 4.0, 6.0)

1-Describe your plan to collaborate with faculty and community members by collecting and analyzing information pertinent to the improvement of the school’s educational environment.(ELCC 4.1, ISLLC 4A, CF 2)

2- Describe your plan to mobilize community resources by promoting an understanding, appreciation, and use of the diverse cultural, social, and intellectual resources within the school community. (ELCC 4.2, ISLLC 4B, CF 2)

3- Describe your plan to respond to community interests and needs by building and sustaining positive school relationships with families and caregivers.(ELCC 4.3, ISLLC 4C, CF 2)

4- Describe your plan to influence local, district, state, and national decisions affecting student learning in a school environment.(ELCC 6.2, ISLLC 6B, CF2)

5- Describe your plan to anticipate and assess emerging trends and initiatives in order to adapt school-based leadership strategies.(ELCC 6.3, ISLLC 6C, CF2)

6- Reflection : please complete the tamplet:

1- Briefly describe your project.

2- Using a specific example, describe what you have learned from this project that can

be applied to a future administrative position.

3- Using a specific example, reflect upon how your project relates to at least one of

the themes of the College of Education: 1) Understanding Students, 2) Serving the

Community, or 3) Finding Our Professional Selves.

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