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Simple cuboidal epithelium tissue

SIMPLE CUBOIDAL EPITHELIUM TISSUE Provide evidence of the development of this tissue in the body, the importance of this tissue, and its activity in a normal human’s lifetime. Include research work done by scientists, diseases associated with this tissue and your personal interest or knowledge of this tissue.


Page 1: Introduction:

This is where you introduce your specific tissue to be investigated.

Remember to include what it is, where, geographically, it is located in the body,

how it works its benefits to the individual, the types of cells located there, and

why this is a great tissue of interest to researchers.

Page 2: Materials: List all instruments/tools used

Methods: Describe in great detail the step by step procedure

Page 3: Results & Conclusion:

This is where you report the results of your investigation of this tissue.

Remember to establish the importance of the specific tissue in the body.

Remember, also to include drawings, diagrams, pictures, of the tissue.

Page 4: Discussion:

Paragraph 1: This is where you report your personal viewpoint based on

your findings. Remember to discuss how this tissue came to be known for

its specialty.

Paragraph 2: Discuss how abnormalities of human functioning is related

to this tissue, how some specific disorders are related to this tissue (such as

fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, vitiligo, albinism, dwarfism/gigantism,

marfan syndrome, multiple sclerosis, asthma, dyslexia, autism, epilepsy,

leukemia, hemophilia, pernicious anemia ,tissue injury, aging, wrinkles,

melanoma, carcinoma, osteoporosis, hernia, etc.).

Paragraph 3: Include in your report how agedifferences, gender

differences, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and other agents affect this specific

tissue. Also report how tissue-training, oxygen, therapy, exercise, and diet

affect this specific tissue.

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