Signature Assignment: Patient Centered Drug Therapy


Activity C
Signature Assignment: Patient Centered Drug Therapy

Purpose of the Assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to learn more about the current attitudes, beliefs, and understanding concerning over-the-counter medications, herbal preparations and supplements that patients are inclined to take.

Students complete this assignment from a clinical perspective emphasizing patient education concerning the safe and judicious use of over-the-counter medications and alternative/complementary treatments(herbal, mineral, homeopathic preparations).


The project consists of two parts: 1) Choose ONE over-the-counter medication, herbal/mineral preparation or supplement that a patient wants to take and comes to you for advise and direction concerning the product.

2) Conduct a literature search directed to health care professionals providing information for patient education concerning over-the-counter medications and alternative/complementary treatments (herbal, mineral, homeopathic). Based on the literature review, describe what advise and information you would give to your patient. Limit assignment to 4 pages. Include reference list of 5 or more references from the scholarly literature in appropriate APA format. (not part of page count)


Grading – Assignment is worth 20 points.

1. Overview of the goal of treatment and potential effect of the
Over-the-counter medication or alternative/complementary
treatment. 5 points

2. Specific patient education teaching points that should be
included in the advice to your patient concerning the OTC
preparation. 10 points

3. Relevant and appropriate scholarly literature is used to
support the existence and potential effect of the problem
and paper is written in a scholarly manner (grammar,
spelling, adherence to APA [6th ed.] format). 5 points


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