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Short Paper 1 – Ethics

Grading Rubric for Short Paper 1 – Ethics

Length and Format – Paper must be:
• Between 250-350 words (works cited should be a separate page)
• Double-spaced
• 12-point Times New Roman font
• 1-inch margins
• Name located in the header
• Proper in-paper citations and works cited
Length and Format
(4 points) Description
4 points Paper meets all length and formatting requirements
2 points Paper deviates from one (1) of the length and formatting requirements
0points Paper deviates from more than one (1) of the length and formatting requirements

(8 points) Description
8 points The paper contains few or no grammatical or spelling errors (1-2)
4 points The paper contains several grammatical or spelling errors (3-5)
0 points Paper contains more than five (5) grammatical or spelling errors

(8 points) Description
8points The paper covers all required aspects in adequate detail with examples.
4 points The paper covers most of the aspects but fails to adequately give examples.
0 points Very weak coverage of the needed aspects with few examples
You should discuss (at least) the following aspects of the company’s activity according to several (at least 3) sources.
• What is the company’s ethical climate?
o Are they an ethical company in their handling of stakeholders, decision-making, communication, finances, operations, etc.
• How do they compare to their industry?
o Rankings? Background to support this?
• Who are the upper level managers that handle ethics and what is their track record?

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