Serial Killer power point

Research Project


Students will research a specific serial killer. You will then use that research to design a powerpoint presentation for the class at the end of the semester. The powerpoint presentation should be professional with graphics, tables, and bullet points. Limit the amount of information on each slide in order for the audience to read each one. 5 references are required in APA format on the last slide (citations should be noted within previous slides)

Required areas:

Biographical information (1-2 slides): Information on the serial killer including his early family life (parents, siblings, relatives abuse), school, childhood information (friends), behaviors as a child/adolescent then into adult life (college, work, school, friends, marriage, children. etc). Was he/she ever diagnosed with a mental illness? Treatment? Medications? Any juvenile criminal history? Any prior convictions on other crimes as an adult?

Criminal Activity (3-4 slides):

This section will contain detailed information about the serial killer’s crimes. The trial, sentencing, how they got caught, all of the details you can find about each crime/victim. Nature of the crimes, time span, number of victims, signature behaviors, did he/she keep anything from the victim, how did he/she behave when caught, at the trial and during sentencing? Describe the evidence at the trial, the specific charges, and what they were found guilty of. Was there a plea deal? Are they still alive? Did they report other killings while in prison? (Not all of these areas are required in detail, find out as much as you can in this section).

Forensic Psychology (1 slide):

What part did a forensic psychologist play in the trial? Were there psychology reports from both sides? How much they did differ? Are they receiving psychological treatment now (in prison or prior to their death in prison)?

Theories of Crime (1 slide):

Each of the four theories of crime (Biological, Psychological, Sociological, and Social-Psychological) need to be addressed as they pertain to your serial killer.

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