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Seminal Article Critique


Choose a cyber security issue from the topics covered in this unit that you would like to research in-depth during the course of

the unit. Research and find a good seminal article related to your selected cyber security issue and write a detailed, objective

critique on the article to highlight its strengths and weaknesses. References to research design, data analysis and a discussion of

the results are strongly encouraged. See unit outline for a list of questions that should be asked.

Remember, if you have questions – ask before it is too late!


Word limit is 1,000 (includes titles and references but NOT bibliography)
Sage Harvard referencing
Refer to unit guide for formatting guidelines (12 point font with 1.5 line spacing)
More details please see the INSTRUCTION.word

Questions To Consider For Your Seminal Article

General: • Is the purpose of the paper explained?
• Does the paper explain why the research was carried out?
• What was accomplished?
• What were the main findings?
• What is the significance of the research?
• What conclusions were reached?
The research design: • Is there a clear rationale for the chosen research approach, methods and/or instruments used?
• Is the research method appropriate for the research question?
• Was the collection of data appropriate for the research question?
• Is there enough information concerning the participants?
• What were the ethical considerations for the research and participants (if any)?
• Were the methods and/or instruments described in enough detail?
• Were any ambiguous terms used?
• Is the method deemed reliable and valid?
• Are any limitations of the study discussed?
Data analysis (aka results and findings section): • Were the steps involved in the data analysis explained and

strategies justified?
• Was the data analysis rigorous enough to substantiate the claims?
• Were all data taken into account? If not, why not?
• Are the presented results relevant to the research question?
• Do the tables and graphs (if any) make the data analysis clearer?
The discussion: • Have the results been interpreted in relation to the research question and aims?
• Have the results been discussed with reference to the research question, hypothesis (if applicable) and theoretical or

conceptual frameworks?
• Have conclusions and/or recommendations been appropriately drawn from data analysis?
• Did the researcher(s) highlight the most important results?
• Have the results been used to support or refute the results of other studies?
• How relevant and useful are the results to practice?

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