School shooting

Assignment: You, a social worker at New Hope Agency (an agency providing case management and advocacy for clients), have been charged with

delivering a report to the Tennessee Legislature. The lawmakers in Tennessee have appointed a committee to study the phenomena of random

school shootings. The lawmakers ask that the report be “holistic” and “comprehensive.” That should not be a problem for social workers, who

consider an ecological approach to social problems and examine persons and phenomenon in specific contexts taking into account psychology,

family, culture, social structures, legalities, politics, morals and ethics, and more. Any solutions to macro social problems will

naturally include elements of an ecological/environmental considerations approach.

Carefully organize the points of your holistic approach and use data and scholarship to support your contentions. America is in a crisis of

sorts right now regarding this issue, and people are looking for leadership and fresh ideas, not more rhetoric and division. Make sure your

report reflects leadership, engagement, collaboration, but yet remains grounded in social work values and ethics.

Last Updated on February 20, 2018

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