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Today, your customer, Windy City Bikes in Chicago, made an order to purchase 10 Deluxe Touring Bike (Silver) (DXTR2###). It should be delivered in 2 weeks. After getting the sales order, you realized that there is no stock for the Deluxe Touring Bike (Silver). (Capture the screen that there is no inventory – Figure 1)So, you contacted the vendor, Dallas Bikes Basics, and ordered some materials that you have less than 50 stocks.

If you have more than 50, you do not need to order the materials. (Which materials did you order?Show the inventory of the material you ordered. – Figure 2)As soon as they are delivered, you paid to the vendor. (Capture the screen that you paid to the vendor – Figure 3).

Now you produce 20 Deluxe Touring Bike (Silver) (DXTR2###). (Capture the screen that you have 20 bikes in warehouse – Figure 4)Among 20 bikes, you delivered 10 to the customers. (Capture the screen that you have 10 bikes left after delivery – Figure 5) Now, you need to capture the screen to show how much you got the revenue from the customer. (Figure 6)

Use the following information

  • -Use your last 3-digit of user ID for ###. (I used 010 in the example)
  • -Company Code: US00
  • -Plant: DL00
  • -Purchasing Organization: US00
  • -Purchasing Group: N00
  • -Shipping point: DL00
  • -Planned Order Profile: LA
  • -Sales Order Type: OR
  • -Sales Organization: UE00
  • -Cust. Reference: 2###
  • -Required delivery date: 2 weeks from today
  • -PO Number: 2###


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