Sales management


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Students can choose a product or service at their discretion and will have to give a 5-minute presentation without the aid of palm cards or notes, demonstrating an understanding of the product/service and highlighting the features and benefits. This could be a sales pitch either to consumers or business-to-business.


Remember that with only 5 minutes you must be able to express both features and benefits that are going to capture the buyer’s interest.


You must identify at the start who you are pitching to – either to a retail consumer or a corporate. If it is to a corporate, it may be that Corporate is buying the products for their own use e.g. Westpac buying a computer system or it may be a pitch to a retailer to stock your product for resale.


This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:

  • The objective of this unit is to provide an understanding of the responsibilities ofmanagement in achieving company strategies through professional and effective salesmanagement techniques. This will include the variant requirements that service andmanufacturing organisations have and their impact on sales team make up andeffectiveness. The specific outcomes of the unit are set out but cover these main topics: – Understanding selling – Account Management – Sales Force Organisation – RecruitingSales Staff – Sales Training – Leading and Motivating a Sales Team – Managing andDelivering Compensation Programs
  • To enable students to grasp the true value of selling as a critical corporatefunction;Throughout the course, the emphasis is on the practical processes as used inthe modern business: identifying needs, building the appropriate team, analysing resultsand using it as the basis of your decision making.
  • To gain an insight into the various sales methodologies that an organisation may employ.
  • To analyse the sales team structure and how to build, train and manage that team.

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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