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Sales and Purchasing Management

Sales & Purchasing Management: FINAL Task brief & rubrics


Individual task. Choose a question from each section to answer and choose a company which will inspire answers in a B2B context; 3 questions in all,

each equally weighted


  • For the document: Word count 800 – 1.000 words per question. The 3 questions: 2.400-3.000 words
  • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total word count.
  • Font: Arial 12,5 pts.
  • Text alignment: Justified.
  • The in-text References and the Bibliography has to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Assignment Launch: Week 10.

Submission: Via Moodle (Turnitin). Submissions will be accepted in Week 14: May 13th by 23:59hrs (Barcelona time).

Weight: This task is a 35% of your total grade for this subject. Each Question is equally weighted.

Sales and Purchasing Management Task

Choose a question from each section to answer; 3 questions in all, each equally weighted. Ensure your answers have a B2B focus

You must also support each of your answers with a company of your choice. You may choose different companies for each question.

Ensure you indicate which section and question you are addressing (For example S1, Q3; S2, Q5; S3, Q1)

Sections and options

Section 1

The Strategic Role of Sales Management

  1. Explain the need for research in the selling-purchasing framework
  2. Explain how the correct sales organization can enable the selling-purchasing process
  3. Explain why sales analysis is an important component of a successful sales strategy
  4. Explain the importance of accurate sales forecasting to an organization
  5. How is Sales Forecasting connected to the rest of the business and what are the implications for the sale teams.
  6. Explain how the process of selling (specific Sales Cycle steps) is related to the type of industry and product being sold.

Section 2

Sales Organization and Sales Deployment

  1. There are different options for sales force organization. Explain the options, highlighting benefits and drawbacks
  2. When would an organization need to consider developing key account managers? Explain how they could do this.
  3. Sales force organization affects decisions concerning centralization versus decentralization, management span, departmentalization. Explain how

this is, or should be, driven by organizational and marketing strategy

  1. Not all selling situations would call for the same sales force organization within the sales department. Explain this
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Inside Sales versus Outside Sales and the influence of the type of product being sold.
  3. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using a 3rd party to sell your product versus a company’s own sales force

Section 3

Salespeople Management: directing sales force operations

  1. Explain the importance of recruitment and selection in the sales department
  2. Explain why sales training is an important aspect of strategic sales management
  3. How does sales leadership impact effective sales organization?
  4. Explain how sales force compensation needs to be aligned to sales/marketing/organizational objectives
  5. “Sales is all about effort.” Discuss this statement and the factors which might influence the implication of this for the direction and management of the sales teams.
  6. Describe and discuss the relevant metrics that a senior manager would be interested in in terms of sales force efficiency with respect to Total Quality Management in sales.

Sales Management Research Project

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