Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing
Lesson 9
This week, you will submit your team’s entire marketing strategy plan for your team product. This will include all of the parts you have completed throughout the course including:
Who the company is
What the company produces or services provided
The mission, vision, and core values of the company
Marketing Strategy
International Marketing plan
Socially and/or environmentally responsible marketing plan
Social media and technology use in marketing and advertising campaign.
Advertising campaign
Add a one-page executive summary which must go at the start of your report.
Include a cover page, a table of contents, and your reference list.
THEN each member of the team will submit the entire marketing plan.
(2) PEER REVIEW (Individual)
Each member of the team will rate each of the other team members on their participation in the project throughout the course.
Take into consideration the following:
(1) preparedness on coming to the lesson based on completed tasks
(2) specifics on what each member contributed
(3) level of participation, and
(4) any leadership skills that emerged during the process.
See peer review document in the Important Documents site.
The peer assessment will count 20% of your final exam grade.
Your instructor will use this review document to give a final grade to each team member for their team participation.
EACH TEAM MEMBER MUST submit BOTH the final project AND the final peer assessment HERE for grading.

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