Sales Analysis

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Sales Analysis Worksheet

Problem: As the chief accountant for Davis Mobile Concepts, a leading car audio dealer serving four states, you have been asked by the vice president to create a worksheet to analyze the yearly sales for each state. The packages and corresponding sales by state for the year are shown in the table.

Davis Mobile Concepts


Perform the following tasks:

  • Create the worksheet using the data in the table above. Worksheet title in A1 Davis Mobile Concepts, and subtitle in A2 Yearly Sales.
  • Use the SUM function to determine total revenue for each of the four packages, the totals for each state, and the company total. Add column and row headings for the totals row and totals column, as appropriate.
  • Format the worksheet title and subtitle with the Title cell style and center them across columns A through F. Use the Font group on the ribbon to format the worksheet title and subtitle as 18-point Arial Black. Format the title and subtitle with Green, Accent 6 font color. Center the titles across columns A through F.
  • Format the range B4:F4 with the Heading 2 cell style and center the text in the cells. Format the range A5:F8 with the 20% – Accent6 cell style and the range A9:F9 with the Total cell style. Format cells B5:F5 and B9:F9 with the accounting number format and cells B6:F8 with the comma style format. If necessary, resize all columns to fit the data.
  • Create a 3-D pie chart on its own sheet that shows the total sales contributions of each state. Chart the state names (A5:A8) and corresponding totals (F5:F8). Use the sheet tab name, Yearly Sales Chart. Apply a chart style of your choosing. Change the chart title to Yearly Sales by State.
  • Change the Sheet1 tab name to Yearly Sales and apply the Orange color to the sheet tab.
  • Save the workbook using the file name, Davis Mobile Concepts_yourFirstname_Lastname.
  • Make a distinction between the rows in the table, using any style of your choice.
  • Submit on blackboard.


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