Role of firms to the society essay

Role of firms to the society

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Role of firms to the society

Business owners are always pressured to redefine their business role in the society

They must develop strategies of increasing skeptical public

Businesses are obligated to invest in protecting the environment

The business should also invest in its employees and deal fairly and ethically with suppliers

The focus and purpose of an organization should no longer advance only on shareholders interest. there should be in initiatives of reducing economic and social constraints


Social and environmental issues

Beverage organizations such as Coca-Cola are the leading ocean pollutants in the world

They have led to ocean chemistry currents and rise in temperatures

Their operations have negatively affected the society since they are affecting the climate and complexity of ecosystems

Plastic pollution has received much attention in the recent years due to human pollution

Effects of pollution to organization financial status

Pollution affects labor productivity of employees and thus leads to production of less products

Areas surrounded with pollutants tends to have less people dwelling

Lack of people in such areas implies that there are less customers and thus affecting the company’s balance sheet

The organization may also fail to get access of skilled and quality employees during to health awareness

Employees may fail to accept contracts related to pollutants organizations due to health awareness. The company will thus produce less quality goods that will not be acceptable in the market


How Coca-Cola is handling the environmental issue

The company has initiated several projects to ensure execution of environmental responsibility to the society

Their bottles are designed to be remade to reduce the amount of plastic

The company I participating in projects of ocean cleaning and removal of marine debris

The has encouraged its citizens to not end up their brand waste products in oceans and waterways

The company is financially supporting projects of cleaning and reducing waste products. It has also attempted to implement reusable packages to minimize littering



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