Rock n’ roll

write no less than 150 words in each question

1,What does the term “crossover” mean in popular music? Please cite at least one example of crossover from the lectures in your response.

In addition, please find an example of crossover not mentioned in the lectures and post a YouTube link to or audio file of the song (from any historical period, using outside resources as/if necessary). Explain why the term applies to your example.

2,What, if anything did you learn about Elvis Presley in this unit that surprised you or altered you perspective in him or his music? Your response should include information about Presley’s career and the context in which he rose to fame.

3, For this topic, select one of the musical examples presented in this unit and write one to two paragraphs discussing what you found particularly musically effective about the performance.

Your response should address some or all of the following questions (to the best of your abilities):

  • What instruments are used in this song?
  • What are some of the most clear sonic characteristics of the song? (i.e. form, timbre, singing style, vocal harmonies, unusual instruments, etc.)
  • How do these sounds relate to the genres that came before it?
  • Why is this song relevant to the lecture/unit?
  • Why did you chose this particular song? What made it stand out for you?


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