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Risk Impact on Internationalization of Danish Start-ups

Discussion/analysis chapter of the thesis needs to be written, namely parts:

5.1.3. Internationalization
5.1.4 Internationalization Theories

Discussion/analysis is a cross case analysis part of the case study. There are 3 case companies which need to be compared and analysed in order to answer two research questions and using the theoretical part of the thesis as a conceptual framework and a basis for the analysis.

Part 5.1.3. therefore needs to be analyzed according to the theoretical framework of part 2.3: Internationalization:
Main Concepts ,Psychic Distance, Entry Modes, Start-ups’ Motives for Internationalization need to be discussed, analyzed and compared between the three case companies.

And what role does risk represent in internationalization of these particular three cases.
The purpose here is to answer the research question 1: How does risk impact internationalization process of Danish startups?

Part 5.1.4 Internationalization Theories needs to be analysed based on the theoretical part 2.4 Internationalization Theories. That is
the analysis needs to examine and compare the data of the three case companies and see if the following theories explain internationalization of the danish start-ups. The internationalization theories are the following:

Uppsala Model
Network Theory
OLI paradigm

International Entrepreneurship Theory

The purpose of this part is to answer research question 2: How do traditional internationalization theories/models explain internationalization of start-ups in DK?

Risk Impact on Internationalization of Danish Start-ups

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