Response to Growth Mindset

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You may have already seen this video, but it’s worth watching again. Although Dr. Dweck’s research is mostly on children, adults use it with great success. After you watch the video a t (Links to an external site.)and examine the graphic, write 2 pages about the following:

  1. How someone you know has exhibited a fixed mindset. Results of that mindset?
  2. How someone you know(can be same or different person as in question 1) has exhibited a growth mindset. Results of that mindset?
  3. How you have exhibited both growth and fixed mindsets. Results of both? (when answering write any name to describe you and ill change it and put my name later)
  4. Choose one area in which you could apply the growth mindset this semester. What would the growth mindset at work in that area look like? What short term and long term results would you expect?

when answering the questions there is no need for an overview of growth and fixed mindset at all–just two pages of examples from your life and your friends or family showing the mindsets. (reflection of the video and asks for all personal info about yourself and people you know. )


Last Updated on September 5, 2019