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1.Complete the chart that presents your overall research question and the series of questions you will explore in relation to the main question. This chart can be found on the Writing Assignment Worksheet (SEE ATTACHED). Feel free to add as many additional squares as you like to the middle levels. In addition you may want to complete more than one chart if you are considering more than one topic or more than one direction in the same topic.

2.Complete at least five “Research Source Cards” from your Writing Assignment Worksheet (beginning on page 3) on your chosen topic. Source cards will be used to create your Works Cited page and help you assess how successful your research will be. Create as many source cards as you like over five.


Now that the discovery process is nearly over, it is time to share the wealth. If you are interested in your topic, then others are going to want to know what you discovered. You are compelled in this age of information to carry the torch of knowledge forward for the benefit of others. In other words, you need to present your knowledge in a way that is compelling and appealing:

1.Written Report. Students follow these guidelines:

  • Length 5-7 pages (1200-1800 words)
  • MLA formatting
  • Works Cited page/Parenthetical citations
  • Embedded quotations
  • 2-dimensional enhancements (photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, maps, etc.)

3.Adding media enhancements to make your presentation interesting.

4.Using embedded quotations with MLA citations in your presentation (A minimum of 6 quotations).

5.Using paraphrased and summarized information with MLA citations.

6.Having a Works Cited Page that uses MLA formatting (At least 3 sources – 1 must be a primary source).


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