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Research Proposal on Cybersecurity



Research Proposal

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Research Proposal on Cybersecurity


In the global world today, the protection of intellectual property, curbing terrorism, and stop any form of threat by use of technology have become such important concepts. However, with increased emerging threats and cyber insecurity, the US continues to face a lot of challenges as far as terrorism is concerned. Many of the business organizations in the US and other parts of the world have recently struggled to keep their properties and people safe because of the increasing emerging trends and technological advancement.

The Project Objective

The research will look into the fundamental challenges, the emerging trends, and the technological advancement that has continued to pose serious risks to the United States National Security. We will as well look at the malware that usually targets security as well as the payroll which can be modified to access personal information illegally through credit cards.

Scope of the Project

The research will focus on the address to the cybersecurity challenges and understanding the sources of emerging trends and technological advancement. The proposal, therefore, predicts some of the challenges we face and the ways in which various businesses and organizations can prevent their people from these scrupulous people.

Research Questions

Many businesses and organizations in the US have faced various forms of cybersecurity attacks. These attacks have become a point of concern to the United States National Security. What follows is a set of questions that will be addressed in this particular research proposal.

Primary Questions

  1. Does cybersecurity affect the business organization’s performance in the US?

Secondary Questions

  1. Is it possible that the efficiency of National Security Agencies can reduce the cases of cybersecurity breaches?
  2. Is there a relationship between the level of technological advancement by the Security Agencies in combating emerging trends and technological advancement?
  3. Can the internal audit of the systems in place now help in reducing the cybersecurity breaches?
  4. What would be recommended in the wake of increased emerging trends and technological advancement?


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