Research on consumer windmill turbines

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Write basic information by research on consumer windmill turbines. Why smaller ones are better than large ones and a brief explanation.

Cost of set up & maintenance:

The price for a consumer wind turbine is anywhere from about US$600 to US$2,500. For the best overall one, the price is about US$1,500. These are not hard to set up and can be easily connected to your home. The one that is the best overall comes with UV protection coating among other features that keep it working. There is also protection against sudden voltage surge and wind gusts which can be important depending on wear you live in the United States. Usually, this will be set up on a roof but sometimes it can be set up in a yard. The cheaper ones are also good but might not last as long or could get damaged more easily. In the long run, it is probably better to invest in the better one that will last longer. )

Wind turbines work by converting wind into electricity. The wind causes the blades to spin, and the blades are connected to many smaller gearboxes. There is a generator attached to the gearboxes, so, when the gearboxes spin, it powers the generator. The generator is then connected by wire to a power source which is how we use the electricity. Large turbines have what is called a yaw drive, which is a small type of gearbox that spins very fast from the resistance of the large blades. The massive blades do not spin enough times per second to spin the gearbox, so the yaw drive is used to spin the gearbox. Small wind turbines, however, do not need a yaw drive. The blades are light enough that they spin just as fast as a yaw drive would, so there is no need for one. Small turbines also have the benefit of different blade shapes. The traditional turbine is a Vertical Axis turbine which is what most people think of when they think of a wind turbine. There is also a Horizontal Axis turbine which has the benefit of spinning under any wind direction. It spins 360°.

Last Updated on April 19, 2020