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Research Infographic Assignment

Linked Assignments

Annotated Bibliography

Length: 5 citations and annotations

Value: 15%

Research Paper

Length: 2-3 pages

Value: 20%

Research Infographic Assignment

Length: One poster page

Value 10%

Annotated Bibliography

Provide a working bibliography of FIVE (5) sources, with annotations indicating why you believe the work you have chosen is a suitable one for your research paper. Use the criteria from the course notes to prove that your source is appropriate.

Each entry should include:

  1. Full bibliographical information: author, title, publisher, date, internet address (URL) or library database. For this class we will be using APA format.
  2. Two to four sentences that summarize what the article/book/video (or other item) is about. Two to four sentences that discuss the usefulness of this article to your paper. One or two sentences identifying why you determined whether this was an appropriate source.

Each of the annotations should be about a paragraph, no more than half a page. You will be judged on accuracy, quality of research and critical ability. Note that all five works are expected to be judged suitable.


See handout

Research Paper

Using the Powerpoint presentation for inspiration, research a technology, idea or concept that you would like to see implemented in the field of public health, food security, public art, or climate change adaptation to address an issue or problem you have identified. Your goal is to write a short paper in which you try to convince your audience to adopt this new technology, concept or idea. This paper is based on the concept of a policy briefing, though we will be adapting the format to suit our needs.

Audience: your audience should be a person or group of people who have the capacity to implement the technology, idea or concept you are proposing. For example, if you think that a great climate change adaptation idea is to build porous sidewalks and alleys as they have in Chicago and other cities, then you would address your paper to city council. If you think that Camosun College should have more public art, then you would address your paper to Camosun College Administration. So do a bit of research and discover whom to address your paper to.

Tone and Terminology: Make sure that the tone you use in your writing is appropriate. In most cases, your tone should be professional and concise. Avoid jargon that your audience would not know. (And please remember that I need to understand what you are writing). Your goal is to communicate, not to confuse.

Purpose: Your purpose is to persuade your reader to adopt the technology, idea or concept that you are presenting. Make sure to inform your reader what the current issue or problem is, as well as how it will be addressed by adopting the technology, idea or concept you propose. To do this, you will have to research what the current dialogue or conversation on the topic is. A strong persuasive paper will include well used evidence of both the issues at hand and the efficacy of your solution.


Title: use the title to quickly communicate the contents of the paper memorably

Abstract (or Executive Summary): in 3-4 sentences, summarize the key points of your paper. This should include an overview of the problem and the proposed solution in the form of the technology, idea or concept you are writing about.

Context: Provide the reader with some context for why the new technology is needed. Identify and briefly discuss the problem or issue. Use examples to illustrate your point. This is the “They Say” portion of your paper where you can point out problems or issues others have identified. You can use graphs, charts or images to make it easier for your reader to follow your information.

Recommendation: In this section, outline what you are proposing and why it is a good choice. How will it help to solve the problem or issue you are discussing? Are there any possible challenges with this choice? How can you overcome these challenges? Has the technology, idea or concept been adopted elsewhere? How is it being used there? How effective is it in that context? Why will it be effective in the context you propose?

Marking Criteria:


Clearly indicates what the problem is that the new technology or idea will solve or address. In other words, the paper provides context.

Provides a detailed overview of the technology or idea that is being presented.

Indicates how that technology or idea will solve or address the problem presented.

Indicates why the technology or idea presented is a good choice.


Uses persuasive language without being overbearing.

Uses other tools of persuasion such as rhetorical appeals and organization appropriately.

Shows an understanding of the audience’s needs (word choice, depth of explanation, etc.).


Uses clear, well constructed sentences.

Uses words appropriately to create the desired tone.

Uses language appropriate to the audience (keeping in mind that I also have to understand).


Uses grammar, punctuation and spelling correctly.

Is properly formatted according to given instructions.

Research Infographic Assignment

Purpose/ Audience: Your audience is the general public. Your purpose is to provide an overview of the research (from your Research Essay) in an easily understandable format. You will present this infographic to the class to share your research findings.

Research Infographic Assignment Task:

Create an engaging infographic based on your research paper findings. This infographic should present complex information in an easily accessible format.

Use concise language, careful formatting, and appropriate images to communicate your complex research information in a simplistic and easy to understand format.

The most important element of this assignment is that your information is accurate, concise, and easy to follow. The graphic design of your infographic is secondary but still very important (after all, you have already received a mark for your research papers and your infographic is meant to translate that research into a more engaging and accessible format).

I will provide a few infographic examples for you to follow.



Topics for research

Food Security

Lisa Dyson A forgotten Space Age technology could change how we grow food:https ://

The Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project

Devita Davison: How urban agriculture is transforming Detroit:

Public Art

Cody Graham and Carey Newman, Witness Blanket:

Helen Marriage, Public art that turns cities into playgrounds of the imagination:https ://

Jody Broomfield, Chrystal Sparrow, Jordan Gallie, City of Vancouver, First Nations Art Instilations:

Americans For the Arts: Https://

Climate change

CBC Spark: A 200-Year-Old Bicycle Design for Climate Change:

ITC solutions narrated by Jeffrey Sachs:

Preventing Flooding in Belford – a new approach:

Ranchers Combat Overgrazing to Flight Climate Change:

Public health

Max Little, A Test For Parkinson’s With A Cell Phone:

Mark Kendall A needle-free vaccine patch that’s safer and way cheaper:

99% Invisible: Sound and Health: Hospitals:!68812


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