Research Essay



Please research and answer the following in 4 – 5 pages.


IMPORTANT: At least one research source must be from the SMC Library database. You may use other credible sources as needed. Summarize and paraphrase as needed.



  1. Research Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    1. Answer the questions below:
      1. In your research, what did you learn about King, Parks and the Boycott that you did not know before?
      2. Were you taught something different in your past from the facts you uncovered?
  • What are your thoughts about Parks, King and the Boycott? Be very specific when you write this. Take a stance.
  1. Research Emmett Till.
    1. Answer the following:
      1. Who was he and what happened to him? What was the reaction to the court verdict?
      2. How does Rosa Parks speak about him?
  • What did you know about him prior to this assignment?
  1. What are your thoughts about him and what happened to him?Be very specific when you write this. Take a stance.
  1. Reread “My Name Is Margaret” in Readings for Writers, 14th edition, p. 244 – 248. Annotate the story and circle any quotes you feel are important. Please circle the quotes we discussed in class.
  2. How does this research help you understand Margaret’s thoughts, actions, and choices in Angelou’s “My Name Is Margaret?” Mention specific quotes in the story and what in your research helps you understand Margaret.


Cite all quotes and paraphrases.


You do not need a works cited page.




The total length of this assignment is4 – 5 pages, typed, 2-spaced, MLA 8, 12 pt. font size, Times New Roman.Print out, staple, and bring this to class. Do not bring a PDF document of thisto class. Do not email a PDF document.


GRADE: 1 – 10 CR. To receive 10 credits, your answers and research must be detailed and express your thoughts using specific language. Please be as thorough as possible in the three pages. If you have more to say, and you are at the page limit, please add, “I have more to say and will do so in class discussion.” The less thorough and detailed your research and answers are, the fewer credits you will receive.


If your assignment is less than 4 pages, you will receive 10 NC.




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