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Research Discussions

You are expected to answer five (5) of these forums with a paragraph response (approximately 400-500 words each).


You should also write a brief reflective conclusion (250 words maximum) as to what you have learnt about accounting through this exercise.


You should include a reference list for all sources you have included in your work.




  1. Critically interpret the quote below (develop an understanding of each part of the quote and construct your understanding of the overall idea within the quote).

“Accounting … is an art and not a science …” (Yorston, 1947, 1).

Critically evaluate how this quote challenges your preconceived ideas of accounting. Give examples, where possible.



  1. This question is asking you about the war of position between financial capital and national capitalisms.

We discussed this with respect to Enron, the GFC and Starbucks.

Critically evaluate how accounting techniques and measurement systems were used by either Enron or Starbucks (as holders of financial capital) over other members of society.

What was the impact? Who are the victims? What is the impact for accounting education?



  1. Given the frameworks in Brown and Fraser, what are the implications of the approaches to disclosure and reporting with respect to SEA?
  2. b) In your estimation, are these SEA disclosure frameworks about substantive issues of change to business practice?


  1. Please consider the impact of this quote on the politics of accounting regulation:

“Accounting is shaped by the demands placed on it, but it also shapes the environments with which it interacts. Consequently, accountants need to be aware of social, political, legal and linguistic considerations, and not just serve the economic interests of a few members of society. It may be necessary, as some have argued, for there to be new accountings”.

(Gaffikin, 2008, p. 239)


  1. Concepts like Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsbility are open concepts, that have few closed definitional components.

Explain why this might pose a problem for accountants in identifying and measuring social and environmental accounting.

Explain why this openness might be to the advantage of business


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