Research Concepts

This assignment for a research class, you really need to be familiar with the concepts in order to answer the questions and find the answers from the article.
The format of the paper should be double-spaced, times new roman 12 font, 1 margin.

1) Indicate which article you chose to work with

2) Research Purpose (1 point):

What was the primary goal or purpose of this study? Please describe this using your own words.

3) Research Hypothesis (1 point):

What is/are the researchers’ hypothesis(s)?

4) Variables (4 points):

a) What are the primary independent variable(s) of interest in the study and how are they operationalized?

b) What are the dependent variable(s) and how are they operationalized?

5) Sampling (3 points):

Describe the sampling procedures and the study sample. Your description should include:

a) What is the sample size?
b) What type of sampling was used – probability or non-probability? Describe the process they used to establish their sample.
c) Provide a general description of the study sample. (ie. important demographic characteristics)

6) Threats to validity (4 points):

a) Given the sampling procedures and research design, how generalizable are the findings (or too whom are the findings generalizable)? Does the author mention this in the conclusion? If so what do they say? Do you agree? If the authors do not mention this in the conclusion what do you think about the external validity of the findings?

b) What is one threat to internal validity that was controlled for and how was it controlled for?

7) Results (2 points):

a) What are the main results of the study? (Note: Please address the results for all the primary IVs and DVs)

8) Conclusions (3 points):

a) What do the authors state as the conclusions and implications of the study? Do you agree with the authors? Explain your reason for agreeing or disagree with the authors.

9) Limitations (2 Points)

a) What is one limitation of this study other than generalizability?

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