Research-Based Paper

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Research-Based Paper:

A research paper investigating an approved topic will be assigned. Students must gain a verbal or written topic approval from the instructor about any topic related topics from the below topics that in the book, before you start writing the research paper. So, you should to suggest a topic first, and then I will get back to you once the instructor approve it.

Book Name: Tischler, H. L. 2014. Introduction to Sociology (11th ed.). Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace College Wadsworth Publishing.

Course Schedule:


1 The Sociological Perspective Chapter 1

2 Doing Sociology: Research Methods Chapter 2

3 Doing Sociology: Research Methods Chapter 2

4 Culture; Socialization & Development Chapters 3 & 4

5 Social Interaction Chapter 5

6 Deviant Behavior and Social Control Chapter 7

7 Social Class in the United States Chapter 8

9 Gender Stratification; Marriage & Family Lifestyles Chapters 11 & 12

10 Religion Chapters 13

11 Education Chapter 14

12 Political and Economic Systems Chapter 15

13 Health and Aging Chapter 16



  • This paper requires full 8 pages.
  • Using a minimum of five references from journal articles, social science texts or other scholarly works.
  • The paper will follow the APA style requirements.
  • This paper is worth a lot of points, so please insure a 100% originality and high-quality work.


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