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Research analysis, essay and poster

Research analysis, essay and poster

I. Modify essay that will be faxed to you to reflect research results. Research on facebook use was done via survey monkey looking at how a students year of college affects how often they change their “status” on Facebook through correlation.The sections to be modified are the Hypothesis, Method section, result, procedure, and discussion. Subjects were only from the college of saint elizabeth and the survey was done via the internet on survey monkey students were not gathered in a computer lab to take survey and no water was provided students were only given extra credit if they participated.

The discussion section will contain this statement: Due to an error in the online survey all data was not able to be collected so instead of looking at original hypothesis it as been modified to also look at how the correlation of a student’s year in college affect how often their status on facebook was changed. For the result section it should reflect that the correlation between the two are moderate R=.47, p<.05(shows moderate correlation)

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