Remote Facility Drawing

Connectivity must be provided to a remote facility located 5.9 miles south-west (NE) of the main facility. The remote facility has a tower 185′ tall and there is a tower on the rental space starting 45′ above the ground on the roof, with a top of the tower measuring 100′ from the ground to the top. There is thick forest and buildings in the path with a maximum nominal height of 38′ at a distance of 2.7 miles from the facility (there are no other obstructions of note in the line-of-site [LOS] path). You will need to determine the height requirements of the antenna on the remote and local facility towers. It is possible that the antennas may not be installed at the same height on both sides due to obstructions and limits on tower height. You may choose to set different heights and then adjust the up and down-tilt angles of the antennas accordingly to maintain the appropriate LOS point-to-point connection. The frequency/frequencies used over this link are up to you, but remember, it will factor into your calculation, so choose carefully.

have completed placing Access points on the 1st floor of the facility. We need to figure out the radius of each AP as well as estimated speeds.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019