Remixed essay

Reflect on the three major essays you’ve written for this course. ( i uploaded the essay in the file section) Choose the Essay that you want to remix for a new audience.

Start by using WORDLE ) or Word It Out ( to create a visual word cloud. Use the text from the essay you wish to remix. Save your cloud as an image file either by using the program or the snipping tool. Note: you may need to try different browsers to use WORDLE.

Write a proposal to explain your approach to remixing a previous essay. Review the assignment guidelines for details.

Your proposal should include the following:

Which essay will you remix to a new audience? Why?
Perform an audience analysis of the project you are proposing. Answer the following points regarding your audience and purpose:
Audience makeup — age group, gender, education level
Purpose – entertainment, explanation, opinion, argument
What technology or medium will you use to complete the remix for your project? A list of technology options is available here.
Include the word cloud that you created in your proposal. What word or words are most prominent in the cloud? Explain how this will influence the way that you target your audience.
275 word minimum

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