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Remix/ visualization brief task


Remix and visualisation are powerful tools for conveying a message via digital media in a digestible format. Both genres offer an easy entry point into digital creativity through making good use of pre-existing templates.


Create a remix or visualisation that makes an argument about digital media(e.g. digital labour, ethics of connectivity, social media use, or so forth) using one of the following templates discussed in class:

  • A Twitterbot using Cheap Bots Done Quick!
  • A remix of Writing, House of Leaves of Grass, or Taroko Gorge
  • A visualisation using D3.js


Through changing variables, adding new content, or mashing-up two different sources, you will demonstrate your ability to manipulate web-based languages (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) for creative means.



Submit all relevant assets (images/sound/text/HTML)as a single zip file as part of the final submission. The exact nature of the files will depend on your choice of remix/visualisation, but this should include at minimum any source code and/or a link to the live project.


Submission Deadline:
Friday12April at midnight

Please Note: This submission will be handed in digitally via Canvas.

Additional Resources:

Cheap Bots Done Quick:


Visualisation Gallery:

Mark Sample, House of Leaves of Grass:

Tully Hansen, Writing

Nick Montfort, Taroko Gorge:

Telescopic Text online writer (for new versions of Writing):


Last Updated on April 5, 2019

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