Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten

Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten

Paper instructions:

Select one of the Week Two assigned reading essays:

• Ch. 16

o “Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten”

o “What the Waters Revealed”

• Ch. 18

o “Our Full, Unequal World”

o “Environmentalism as Religion Run Amok”

o “Coping with Methuselah”

o “A.I. and the Return of the Krell Machine”

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

Analyze how the author you chose used classical principles of argument and how the principles relate to authority and each other.

Analyze how an author used the classical principles of argumentation

• Ethos

• Pathos, and

• Logos


how these principles relate to authority in a chosen essay.

Support your claims about the essay with specific examples.

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