Relationships exercise

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Web page:—video-games

Required model: list of various product types belonging to “toys & video games” category.

Based on the link received, post the following information, in the respective questions.

  1. A PDF document with all the description of the homework as required below
  2. A Workbench design file with the diagram describing your model, as specified below
  3. The MySQL script creating a database that will implement the design completely.

Start all your file names with your email id (e.g. mboicu for me), followed by (-s1a2-), and you may add a name for your database.


You must create a TWO entity design (two tables) with a SINGLE 1:M relationship (one FK in the child table) for the model provided.


Your homework must include the following sections.


You must include one or more screen shots showing the required model data. At least 5 data items (entity instances, rows) must be included for each of the two entities


You must include two phrases, each one phrase describing one of the entities as in requirements. You must identify at least 3 descriptive attributes (columns), in addition to the primary key (id). If your link does not contain 3 attributes, you must identify the ones present.

You must include a phrase describing the 1:M relationship. You must follow a similar pattern with: One academic title may be hold by zero, one or more faculty. A faculty must hold one academic title.

For instance, for the class example IST Faculty, one may include:

A list with all faculty is stored and managed. For a faculty we keep the G number (id), name, photo, academic title (e.g. Associate Professor) and administrative title (e.g. Chair), if any.


You must create the ERD complete design of the two entities and the relationship between them.

Include an image with the design in the PDF file. Be sure, you create the corresponding attributes and specify if they are required/optional and unique or not. Be sure, your relationship has a name, correct type, strength, entity participation, and the FK is included in the child entity.

Also, be sure you include the source design file as an attachment to the corresponding question. No points given without the source file, or a different source file.


You must implement the design as presented. To do so you must create a SCRIPT file that performs the following operations:

  • Drop the database if already exists. Create a database with a suggestive name. Mark that database as default. (0.1 points)
  • Create the tables with their relationship (FK constraints must be provided) (0.20)
  • Show the tables in the database and show the structure of the created tables (0.10)
  • Insert at least 5 rows in each of the tables, if possible (0.20)
  • Show the content of the tables (0.20)

In the PDF file, you must include your script and an execution of the script either in command line or in MySQL Workbench (screenshots). The source file/screenshots must be signed with your name during execution (e.g. including comments). Image/file not signed (-0.30 points)

You must attach a runnable SQL SCRIPT (a text file). If not included, or not runnable, no points will be given.

Note: SQL SCRIPT (a text file) should NOT be generated by MySQL Workbench. If it is generated by MySQL Workbench (No points will be given for the script file)


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