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Reebok marketing communications tools

Reebok is considering several marketing communications tools. One of these is the Human Rights Now! Tour. Most of our case discussion will focus on other aspects of the case, but I would like you to think about some important aspects of the HRN event. Please use the information provided in the case to carefully consider the HRN event for Reebok at the time of the case.

  1. (6 points) Break-even analysis can be one aspect to think about when considering a specific marcom “tool.” Use break-even analysis to estimate the number of additional pairs of shoes Reebok would need to sell in order to cover the costs of the HRN tour. Be sure to state your assumptions and to make it clear how you computed any numbers (for example, if you have a formula “hidden” in an excel table, be sure to have a statement of what the formula is). Please set up and find the solution yourself without using “goal seek” in Excel. (I want you to have a good feel for what you are doing). Use the information in the case. (I may ask someone to present their BE analysis in class so be sure you have yours with you).
  2. (8 points) What communication goal or objective is the HRN tour likely to meet? That is,
  • who is the target that this event will reach;
  • what impact is this likely to have on Reebok’s brand awareness;
  • what specific associations is the HRN tour likely to build;
  • are these associations consistent with the associations that are likely to be made with Reebok’s other marketing communications? Explain, using information from the case.

Provide a professional write-up answering these two questions.

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