Recycling 2

Objectives Students will:

Understand the importance of natural cycles

Evaluate connections between the natural cyclic model and possible human behavior

Gather information about local recycling options

Discuss involvement in local recycling programs

Please answer the following questions using the MORA (Missouri Recycling Association) web page. The answers must be detailed and explained for maximum points. Type your answers on a computer; write your name, date and sign. Please do not copy + paste.

That is plagiarism.

What materials can be recycled? Name 10 recyclables.

Why should anything be recycled?

Name 10 products made from recycled materials.

Do you/your family recycle anything? What? If nothing why not?

Do you have any problems with the concept of recycling?

What kind of recycling method would be convenient for you?

How could we reduce the amount of recyclables?

Why is a linear materials system not sustainable?

What is “built in obsolescence”?

What is your opinion about the “latest and greatest” in consumer goods? Should we purchase them? When and why?

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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