Realism in Alex Coville’s artworks


What to write about:

The term realism can be applied to a variety of art objects. Choosing at least three artworksdone by Alex Colville, what themes do this artist evoke in their artworks using realism? (Be sure to reference the reading by John Chambers at some point in the paper)

Link to Alex Colville website/gallery

Things to remember

-This is an argumentative essay so make sure that it’s structured in that way and be sure to only talk about this particular artist work.

-Be sure to reference the reading provided by John Chambersat some point in the essay, but don’t rely on it too much

-The only sources you need to use are the Alex Colville official website ( and the reading provided by John Chambers.

-It is ok to use footnotes/endnotes when referencing something

-Be sure to really discus and explain the themes that Alex Colville artworks express in terms of realism.

Last Updated on February 9, 2018