Racism Privileges and Oppression

Racism Privileges and Oppression

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Racism remains the thorn in society that never seems to be removed. It is permanently engraved in the ideologies of people, which is influenced by stereotypes and a limited understanding of cultural variations. This is evident in the US, where I have seen first-hand the effects of racism given since I am of Middle East descent. The aspect of racism in the West has taken a turn and evolved into distaste for the Arabs and Muslim culture. The evolution of racism has taken a turn for the worst and that it has now become a hatred for the Islam culture. I have been a victim of the ideologies centered on racism in America, and it is a sad thing to witness that it (racism) will remain as a stigma in the American society.

At the end of the 1990s, the nature of racism in the West began to shift. Originally, racism was targeted at the minority groups, which have now grown into the mainstream society. This forced Americans to target a new group, as a means to uphold the aspect of having an opposition. The solution presented itself after the 9/11 attacks. It became the starting point for America to stage the war against terrorism (coined to define American opposition). Through a poor understanding of terrorists, the term became inter-related with Muslims and Arabs. Now, innocent Muslims have become victims of the image painted by the West.

I can testify to the negative perception because the ideology lives through the modern American culture. I am victimized at the airports, stopped for random searches simply because I concur with the ideology that an Arab could be a potential suspect for terrorism. I go through inspection three times at the airport simply because my face is a symbol of racism, even though my presence in America is simply to enroll in a high-level education institution.?????

The problem is extended to my interactions with other students in school. Majority of the students see me as a threat because I am Muslim, and it is a culture that Americans fail to understand. This is the reason why Muslims and Arabs are labeled terrorists. This is vindictive of the recent developments on the War against terror. All of the attacks by the West have occurred in Islam based countries. To make matters worse, America has done more harm than good in their ‘war against terror.? This is evident in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The irony is that the West will never attack the Middle East because they understand the value of the large oil reserves in the region. With that said, the West still treat the Middle-East population like terrorists. This illustrates the double standard upheld in the US, where a situation will be handled according to the level of benefits that America will receive from a country or region.?

It is a sad case that there has been little intervention to marginalize terrorists because they do not represent the ideologies of Islam. I fail to understand how the perception of Arabs is limited to the beliefs upheld by a society that has become narcissistic. The lack of an adequate understanding by the American society promotes the division in the society. I believe that this should change in order to improve the standards presenting America as the ?Land of the Free.???????



Martinez, R. (2010). On Race and Racism in America: Confessions in Philosophy. Penn State University Press.

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– try to find the efforts and steps that are being made to stop and fight racism, movements, organizations,etc.

– solutions for racism against middle easterners , and blacks , jews and every other groups.

– the obstacles and challenges facing those who are trying to stop racism.

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