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Quiz 2 Study Guide

The quiz will be structured in two parts. The first part will involve the brief definition of core
concepts introduced in the assigned chapters and discussed in the lecture. The second will involve
short essay answers that will ask you to compare and contrast the theoretical approaches that were
covered in the assigned chapters and elaborated during the lecture.
Core concepts: You will study 10 concepts, 6 which will be present in the quiz, of which you may
choose 4 to answer. Each of these definitions will be worth 5 points each for a total of 20 points in
this section.
1. Coercive Diplomacy
2. Weapons of Mass Destruction
3. Terrorism
4. Ideology
5. Biopolitics
6. Biopower
7. Energy-security nexus
8. Resilience
9. Water Scarcity
10. Attribution Problem
Short essay questions: You will study 4 multi-part questions, 3 which will be presented in the
quiz, of which you may choose 2 to answer. Each of these questions will be worth 20 points for a
total of 40 points in this section.
1. What is the relationship between coercive diplomacy and deterrence? What are the
components of successful coercion and deterrence? Who does the advent of nuclear
weapons change the nature of coercive diplomacy and deterrence?
2. How does biopolitics shape what a population conceives as a “normal” life and how does
this shape narratives about security and fear? What are its instruments of power? Provide
an example.
3. What is terrorism and what separates it from other forms of political violence? How do
asymmetric power relations affect the propensity to use terrorism as a tactic? How does
marginalization and ideology affect the usage of terrorism?
4. How does energy, water, and cyber security intersect with other sectors of security? How
does accounting for critical infrastructure shape our understanding of energy, water, and
cyber security? How does the resilience of critical infrastructure affect energy, water, and
cyber security?
***You will need a bluebook for the day of the quiz***

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