Quantity Surveying

·         Carry out background research for all stakeholders while answering the questions.
·         All answers require justification and explanation.
·         No interviews or site visits are allowed. All necessary information is available from relevant sources.
·         Each submission can be by one student or a group of 2 – 5 students (maximum).
·         The minimum amount of content required for this assignment is 2,000 words.

·         Referencing the course handouts, blogs or Wikipedia is not allowed.

·         Only a soft-copy is required in the prescribed format along with this cover page.

·         Any submission in another format shall be treated as a non-submission.

·         Late submissions will have deduction of 0.25 marks for every working hour of the college.

·         All assignments shall be checked for plagiarism.

·         The highest marks will be awarded to assignments that show the most amount of varied research.


Question No.Max. MarksObtained Marks Question No.Max. MarksObtained Marks
Q15 Q34 
Sub-Total Marks6 Sub-Total Marks4 

Grand Total Marks




First Marker :


Second Marker:              (NOT APPLICABLE)




Date :

Signature :


Date :


Q1. Review the Palm Mall project at the link provided and select the most suitable form of contract for this project. The answer should include a detailed justification with at least the following:

Q1.a. Project characteristics matrix.                                                                                                 [1]

Q1.b. Form of contract characteristics matrix.                                                                                 [1]

Q1.c. The characteristics which match exactly.                                                                               [1]

Q1.d. The characteristics which not match.                                                                                      [1]

Q1.e. The modifications required to the contract to take care of the mismatching characteristics. [1]

Note: The matrix can follow a similar format to the handouts but a unique approach is encouraged.

Link: http://aljarwanigroup.com/swf/palmmall/palm/palm%20mall%20profile.pdf





Q2. Review the Oman Standard Documents for Building and Civil Engineering Works (uploaded to the e-Learning along with the assignment) and identify all clauses where the opinion and/or satisfaction of the Engineer is required.                                                                                     [1]







Q3. Suggest modifications that can be made to each of the clauses identified to increase unambiguity.                                                                                                                            [4]

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