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Quantitative methods for supply chain management








Part One:


Forecasting – Practical Exercise Group Work (15 marks)

  • Estimate the amount of Red and White Cheddar Cheese will be required for sale per month for 12 months to supply Cork City
  • Ref: 2011 Census,
    • Cork City has 47,163 households with 115,461 persons living in them
  • You plan to sell in 100g and 200g packets
  • Your Lead-time will be between 5 and 6 weeks of firm order
  • List your assumptions, decisions, comments, method and 12 month detail. List group names.



Scheduling – Practical Group Work Part Two (15 marks)

  • Develop a schedule and rules for your cheese manufacture based on level loading the products through a weekly requirement from the forecast each month. Add two time-fences and rules.
  • Firm orders for product for the current and next 3 months are (with reference to your own schedule quantities




  • The first month is complete. Month 2 is now becoming the current month.
  • Last month Red 100 and White 100 were mixed up for month two and three in firm orders and need to be corrected. i.e. Red should have been white and visa versa.
  • The next month out was to be a repeat of Month 4 in the table.
  • Complete a new schedule for issue, list the rules. List group names.




Part Two:


Individual Assignment (20 marks)

  • Reflect on your group class work
  • Now that you have had time to reflect, using the following THREE headings, submit a short report.
    • Identify any weaknesses in the group work
    • Discuss your thoughts on the assumptions made by the group, would you agree or disagree with the groups decisions and why
    • List your own personal learning points to be applied should you have to do such an exercise again






You should submit a typed document through the ‘Assignments’ tool on Blackboard on or before 16/03/2018.

(See instructions for ‘Submitting Assignments Through Blackboard’).


Please use the following file name format: FE02807_SURNAME_Firstname



It should be no more than 2000 words (about 6 pages max) plus any diagrams.  Appendices may be included, however long appendices should be avoided, rather references to supporting documents should be used.




This assignment accounts for 50 marks out of the 100 marks allocated for Module 5.





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