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Public and private partnerships

-Explain what a public/private partnership plan proposal should consist of, and why one should exist.

-Identify your jurisdiction you selected and describe the critical infrastructure in your jurisdiction

-Name 5 private industries in your jurisdiction you believe you should have a partnership with (MOA/MOA)

-Discuss the benefits of public/private partnerships

-Discuss your jurisdiction and name 2 natural natural disasters and 2 man-made hazards or threats your jurisdiction faces…describe in detail

-Core missions of National Preparedness Goal can be achieved by focusing on the 5 key core missions…(you will need to define these in the paper, but not in the outline)






* Describe how each of your 5 private sector industries or companies you selected can partner with the city to help the city achieve these each of these 5 missions against the 4 threats/hazards you listed

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