Psychological disorder



Choose a psychological disorder addressed in Weiten, W. (2014). Psychology Themes and Variations
(South African ed.) and discuss the disorder using at least three (3) other literature sources focusing
on various aspects of the disorder:

0 Discuss, specifically the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the disorder.

0 Describe possible treatment options for the disorder.

0 Summarize community perceptions of the disorder.

General Requirements for all Assessments
For guidelines on all assessments please refer to the Student Assessment Guide.
Your assessment must follow the overall guidelines for assessment writing:

0 Make absolutely sure you are certain of what is required of you and that you have a good
understanding of the topic being addressed.

0 Have a clear, logical and well-argued presentation of ideas.

0 Write in a simple, clear and concise manner.

0 Punctuate appropriately and check spelling.

o Engage academically and analytically with the themes and concepts of the assessment in a
coherent and original manner.

0 Use theory and terminology appropriately.

0 Include covering documents (cover sheet, plagiarism declaration, client consent form (if

0 Follow academic writing guidelines/structures – ensure you have an introduction, main body
of information and a conclusion.

0 Stay within the recommended word allocation. Essays that are too short will not be able to
adequately meet the brief and essays that are too long are likely to include irrelevant

0 Avoid plagiarism by referencing accurately, diligently and consistently. If it is someone else’s
work it should be acknowledged.

0 Use in-text referencing that follows APA guidelines.

0 Meet deadlines – All assessments (except campus based examinations) must be submitted on
MySACAP on or before the set due date. Extensions are granted only in exceptional
circumstances. Deadlines not met are subject to penalties.

0 Discuss any queries with your Educator or Online Module Facilitator.




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