Project methodology for software company

Analysis of the course management software provider / products in the Swiss market

Introduction / Problems Many institutional and private companies offer either internal and / or external courses. These courses are now usually administered and booked online via the intra-Internet. The administration of the courses is very complex and most course providers work with a special software from a third-party provider. The market is strongly demarcated but not regulated and the various providers of course administration software are in direct competition.

Introduction / Problems A market overview of the various providers of course management software in Switzerland including a comparison of the classic marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion and Place
Analysis of the different functions of the providers including identification of possible USPs

Addition: Derive appropriate route-to-market strategies and concrete actions for welante GmbH

topics Description The work only refers to software solutions offered in Switzerland. When analyzing the functions, special attention will be paid to the technical solution (including a proprietary or cloud solution, which interfaces are offered or required)
Many information can be obtained via Desk Research, but personal interviews resp. Questionnaire with the different providers will bring the best understanding.

Last Updated on March 16, 2020