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Project Management Plans Baseline


Project Management Plans Baseline

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BUS 633: Project & Operations Management

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Project Management Plan Baseline


The project begins when the project managers put all the project’s requirements and plans and ends where the plan’s objective is met, usually after some specified period. Between the beginning and end, several project implementors undertake some activities with specific objectives. It is essential for the organization to initially have a project management plan to define its starting point. The plan defines the project’s scope, schedules, and budgets. The International Logistics Service Operations Improvement Projects seeks to correct the current issues in the organization to start attracting clients and meet their primary goal; to generate revenue.

Scope description

The ILS’s management realized that the organization is making losses in its new location because of some issues present in its operations. Therefore, the project seeks to correct these issues individually to operate smoothly and begin to make some substantial profits (Antwi, 2020). The project will implement measures that will reduce accidents witnessed in the warehouse and during the transportation of commodities. Second, the project will come up with strategies that lead the organization to utilize its resources. Third, the project will develop and implement a warehouse organization plan that will help the organization organize well consignment of the clients and its management team. Fourth, the project will come with a list of the suggested advanced equipment that will allow the firm to improve its operations. Fifth, the project will also determine the most appropriate associates’ job training that will allow them to perform optimally. Last, the project seeks to implement adequate process documentation in the organization.

Project deliverables

The success of this project will depend on the effectiveness of the deliverables made. The following are the project deliverables that will determine the project’s success in the end.

  1. The plan to reduce cases of accidents in both warehouse and when the goods are in transit
  2. Effective resource utilization strategies

iii. Effective warehouse organization plan

  1. Suggestions of the modern equipment to replace the old ones available currently in the organization.
  2. Modern associates training that will enable them to perform optimally
  3. Practical and comprehensive process documentation

Deliverable’s acceptance criteria

The organization’s management will need to ascertain that the deliverables presented to bring the most suitable solution to the organization’s issues, resulting in immense losses. The following are the acceptance criteria for the organization’s deliverables.

  1. Plan to reduce accidents: the plan should meet the threshold set by the management. It should significantly reduce cases of accidents by 90% both in the warehouse and during transportation.
  2. Resource utilization strategies:the project management should come with the most effective ways to lead to 90% resource utilization compared to the currently existing strategies.

iii. Warehouse organization: project should come up with a warehouse organization plan that results in the organization accommodating more consignment as compared with what it does currently. It should allow the firm to accommodate the current amount thrice.

  1. Modern equipment:The organization has outdated equipment that is not cost-effective and can meet the current business needs. The suggested equipment should enhance the efficiency of the organization by 90%.
  2. Preferred associates training:The project should come up with the most effective associate training. The training should have been proven by more than 60 % of the consignment organizations from different parts of the country.
  3. Documentation process:the project manager should develop cost-effective process documentation that will significantly allow the firm to manage it. The process should improve process documentation by more than 80 % as compared to the current one.

Project Limitation

The process is constraint by some factors that the project manager should consider. The management should keep an eye on these constraints since they affect the project’s success. The following are the most critical project constraints.

Cost: the implementation cost should be with the budget allocated. The project manager will come up with costs and ensure the project is implemented within that cost (Perrier, Benbrahim, & Pellerin, 2018). The project will eventually be failed if the cost is not realistic.

Quality: the quality of the project deliverables is also another constraint that will determine the project’s success. Low-quality deliverables will lead to project failure (Ghansah, Owusu-Manu, & Ayarkwa, 2020).

Schedule: the project will be implemented within the time allocated. The project needs not take long because it will affect the costs and delay other organizational plans.

Scope: the project management team needs to keep the project implementation within the scope. The team should avoid scope creeping as it might increase the cost and affect the schedule.

Change Control Process to be Used

In case of any crucial change in the project implementation process, the project management will notify the change management. The process shall happen systematically so that it will not affect the entire project implementation process (Ghansah, Owusu-Manu, & Ayarkwa, 2020).. The following steps shall be followed for effective change implementation.

Step 1: Change request definition

In this phase, the project management presents a request for change through documentation. The documentation states the reasons for the change. The change request needs to have all supporting statements.

Step 2: change request submission and review

The team submits the change request once it has been documented. The most efficient way is to email the relevant people in the organization who will act on the request.

Step 3: options definition and response documentation creation

The team defined options after reviewing the change request. The options could include the solution proposition, timeline proposal, change’s impact on the project, and the prosed change expiration date.

Step 4: Final decision and Approval

The organization needs to provide a timely response in this phase. Re-evaluation might be required in case the document expires.

Work breakdown structure

Project schedule

Project Budget

ILS Project Budget
1Plan to reduce accidents$ 20,000
2Resource utilization strategies$ 15,000
3Warehouse organization$ 1,500
4Modern equipment$ 30,000
5Preferred associates training:$ 10,000
6Documentation process$ 10,000


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